Waiting on more resources

We ran into a snag!  We were focusing so much on Android and IOS friendly database technologies, we didn’t take into account that they were only optimized to work in a standalone fashion, not able to centrally manage the database through a server.  As it turns out, SQLite although robust, may not be our best option.

 In my experience, accessing SQL is best done through server side scripting.  However, Javascript is only designed to access SQLite using client side web database access, and accessing a access SQL database using javascript is not secure this way.   We were going to post all our findings on javascript functions to access SQLite, but it would end up confusing everyone if it ended up on the wiki for the class.

 So instead, we need to focus on the technology we will use based on the resources we will be given.  Kiosk Pro appears to be a solid solution to using a server based application on the iPads, but still maintain a local copy of the content.  I need to find out if we will be given a Windows server, in which I will focus on using SQL Server, and maybe PHP, or if we will be given a linux web server, in which we may be able to utilize a new server side use of javascript like node.js.

I don’t quite know where my group has gone.  A few of the members haven’t shown up to class, or the chat sessions.  I will need to spend some time meeting with them today.  More to be discussed in class.  


One response to “Waiting on more resources

  1. After working on the same part of the project, I am beginning to notice the same sort of issues and the complications. I believe, as the database group is concerned, we need to gather more information about how we want to proceed as a class, and what makes the most sense for the client.

    PhoneGap is an interesting application, and developing an actual iOS app seems to meet the criteria for the Worcester Art Museum. After the initial meeting it seemed that the museum would be interested in a template so the could reuse the software for different exhibits. If this is how we are going to proceed, it may be better to use the KioskPro software, since we can maintain a central server with the information and the iPads would pull from this one server. That way we only change the centralized information and all the iPads will be updated. Using SQLite and a local app may lead to problems when you want to change the information and how you would do that. This seems to be something that might need some more investigation.

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