First post, not so much my first blog.

My name is Mike Aguirre, and I’ve started this blog mainly because it is a new interesting and involved requirement of my “capstone” computer science course at Worcester State –  CS 401 Software Development Process.  I’ve had various blogs in the past, always following the blogging revolution, my last blog ending with a stale Live Journal site that ended up tucked away in a dusty corner of the internet.  This time, I’m determined to start anew, beginning with this first post, and motivated by my participation in this new and interesting course I’m taking at WSU.

About me – I’m a part time student at Worcester State University, and have been working slowly to my degree while working full time as a network administrator for a technical consulting/training company in Westborough called The Training Associates.  One thing that I can really appreciate, is the necessity of a course like this at the end of my Computer Science career at the university.  “Software Development Process” sounds like it will finally tie in my education to my life experiences in the work place.  I know I will learn a lot in my involvement in this course and have the advantage to apply what I’m learning at my job which also involves development work on our Trainer Tracker software.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Worcester Art Museum to meet my fellow classmates and my Professor to find out more about our semester long project.  From what I’ve heard, we’re going to help develop and release several educational mobile apps for a special exhibit that will be  displayed on four iPads which will be on the exhibit floor to enhance the experience of the museum patrons.  I’m looking forward to starting this semester, trying something new, and working together with my colleagues to make something that will actually be used by the general public.  More to come next week!


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